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With a journey that began in 1975, Pious wallpaper has been a beacon in providing the most elegant and carefully curated long-lasting wall coverings that are trendsetting. With a collaborative bond in international markets, Mr. Pious Xavier, the founder, brings you the best.


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₹ 25/- per sq ft - Wallpaper

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Sourced from the best and most renowned international manufacturers, Pious Wallpapers brings you the most sophisticated and lavishly curated collection of wall coverings. Our team of experts are determined to provide the most beautiful and alluring space of living that sets inspiration to any one peaking a glance. With the best designs, texture and durability, what we cater you is a brand collaboration that your home or workplace is desiring for. The best craftsmanship delivered to treat your eyes with completely fabulous presentation. Floral motifs, geometric patterns, metallic, stripped, you name it and we bring the finest quality wall coverings from the best international sources. The transformative ability of our imported wallpapers are quite unrivalled. Moreover, it’s a treat for the eyes at a pocket-friendly budget. Pious Wallpapers has its objective set on delivering the best quality imported wallpapers to any location in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Come, unlock the best charming and elegant realm in your home or workspace effortlessly with finest quality, cost-efficient and durable imported wall decorations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with Pious Wallpapers.

Price ranges begins from

₹ 25/- per sq ft - Wallpaper

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Elevate your interior designs to another level with top-notch team that can tailor-make a wall covering suited to your specifications. Pious Wallpapers has a reputation of being customer-centric, delivering only the utmost satisfaction for a client, meeting all their views that they prefer for their living space. Pattern, artistic, traditional, typography, photo collage, natural landscapes or company brand elements – every single customization that is suited to the specification as required by the client are provided by us. With quick and trustworthy installation services at an affordable budget, boost your inspiration to breath life into your idea with us. With unwavering dedication, we ensure to use only the best quality material that is resistant to fading and is long-lasting. Be it a single wall or a whole room, we bring our customer-first approach and provide only the best designs blended in superior quality finish. Enjoy the difference from the ordinary living space with Pious customized wall decors in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Let your unique choices creating unique experience.

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₹40/- per sq ft - Curtains

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As a leading specialist in wallpaper and interior revamping, it is our duty to find harmony and perfect balance between the interior and the elements within the room, be it a bedroom, living room or an office. Curtains add spice to the inspiring platter of elemental designs in a room and brings a complete end-to-end balance to a room. The color combination, texture, type of material, visual aesthetics, layering and customization are key features in selection of the best curtains for your place. We provide a comprehensive and vast range of options from which you can pick your best option. As an essential part in interior decoration, Pious Wallpapers brings the best team of experts that can assist you side-by-side in making a wise decision. Curtains add the finishing touch to a room decoration and we are the specialist that you need to partner up with. As the leading curtain specialist and as the best curtain shop in whole of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Pious is the best option. Come explore the best high quality curtains with us.

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₹ 100/- per sq ft - Wooden Flooring

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To showcase the best beauty and warmth of your place, get a feel of the vast array of wooden flooring options well curated by Pious Wallpapers. Pick from the best quality wooden flooring and experience the absolute perfection. Our wide range of wood flooring materials are exquisite and known for their durability and supreme quality. With a wide range of options such as hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wooden flooring, choose the best fit for your home or workplace. Our services are carried out by experts that have years of experience in wooden flooring and assists clients in choosing the best wooden flooring materials. With trustworthy services, we are also surplus in budget-friendly options. Hence, all customers, small or large projects, are welcome to explore our numerous wooden flooring options in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. From rustic to contemporary, traditional to modern, our stylish wooden flooring options are limitless and highly customizable. As a leading wooden flooring specialist based in Coimbatore, we invite you to choose from the best home décor shop, to be the best.

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₹ 20/- per sq ft - Vinyl Flooring

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With advanced printing technologies, vinyl flooring has grown to be the best choice for durable floorings . As a premier specialist in vinyl flooring in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Pious has a versatile and refined range of designs that are best suited for residences and offices. Vinyl flooring are known for their durability and strength. Vinyl flooring is resistant to water logging and are resistant to scratches or seasonal damages. With a pristine finish, vinyl floorings are easy to maintain and does not require any additional investment in keeping its beauty. As the leading vinyl flooring contractors in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, our vinyl flooring sheets are manufactured from trusted sources that only utilize high quality raw materials. To elevate the interior design, choosing the best vinyl flooring service providers is always critical. As the best vinyl flooring contractors in Kerala and vinyl flooring contractors in Tamil Nadu, it is our commitment to provide you with vinyl floorings that can be resilient, durable and versatile in designs. Visit Pious, change the perspectives of living with style and ecstatic outlooks.

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Hand-pick the best interior wall coverings with Tiruppur‘s leading specialist in Wall covering.
If your search for good wallpaper designers and good wall-covering specialists in Tiruppur is still afoot, how about meeting the best? Pious wallpaper suppliers and wall covering services in Tiruppur bring charming wall decors for homes, residences, and workplaces. Explore the finest interior design elements with the best wholesale and retail suppliers of wallpapers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu from Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Thrissur. With premier imported wallpapers as well as custom-made wallpapers, let your space be redefined with more elegance. Our goal is to cater to a customer-centric experience that is anchored to the fact that the “best comes from the best”. Our team of experienced wallpaper designers and skilled installation team delivers a full set of dedicated wallpaper design and wallpaper installation services all over Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
The transformative power of a wall covering for your home or residence is unparalleled. The same is said for a curtain, well-furnished vinyl, or wooden flooring. Our core values lie in the quality and discipline, we maintain for our valuable customers. With every fabric and stroke of our artistry, we ensure to impart the best wallpaper design in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We welcome you to experience the wholesomeness of our wall-covering collection in Tiruppur.

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Interior wall coverings are an integral element in redefining the individuality a room holds. With Pious Wallpapers, interior wallpaper services in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have taken a good catapult. With alluring and one-of-a-kind designs, Pious Wall Coverings is the best wallpaper specialist from Tiruppur that spans wallpaper sales and wall covering installation to customers all across Tiruppur, Coimbatore, and Thrissur. Our branches at Tiruppur and Thrissur have led us to be an all-around wallpaper dealer, providing customized wallpapers, imported wallpapers, high-quality curtains, and vinyl or wooden flooring services. With the best-imported wallpapers from the USA, Germany, Belgium, Holland, South Korea, Japan & Europe, Pious imported wallpaper dealers bring life into your home and workplace. Our custom-designed wallpapers from Tiruppur are designed by the best wallpaper designers and our seasoned wall covering designers have the impeccable skill to produce masterpieces, just for you. With the most elegant vinyl flooring and wooden flooring, Pious flooring manufacturer from Tiruppur features flooring designs just too mesmerizing. Find the best brand collaboration with Pious wallpaper dealers in Tiruppur.


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